How can I change the font type, size and color in my email?

In Woodpecker, you can decide on the way your text looks like. Change the font type (the text style in which you write your message) and size of it while editing a campaign.

How to change the font type?

  1. Open your campaign and switch to the Edit mode.
  2. Navigate to the email editor.
  3. Click the name of the font. On default, we use Sans Serif.
  4. You will see a couple of different looking names, for example, Serif, Wide, Narrow. Select one of them from the drop-down menu.

Here's how to change the size of your text:

  1. When editing your campaign, click the TT icon 
  2. On default, your text is in medium size. You can change it to small, large or x-large.

Here's the final result:

Here's how to change the text color:

  1. Switch from the Text to HTML view using </> icon.
  2. Add the following part to your code:

    <font color="green">This is your message!</font>

    You can replace "green" with a different Color Name or Hex Color Code. Search your browser for HTML Color Picker.

  3. Switch back to the Text view.

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