Agency: Quickstart Guide

There are only several steps to take to ensure that your Agency account is properly configured and that you can get the most out of its features. Let's get started!

First Setup

Switching between Company and Agency panel

Agency panel is where you can manage all your client Companies and their campaigns. Company panel allows you to run campaigns for your own company, and change any settings (such as Billing Data, and Agency Options).

If you're a Start-up or a Team Pro user and would like to change to Agency Panel, let us know. Learn how to upgrade your plan.

In order to switch between your Company and Agency panels, just expand the menu in the upper-right corner and select “Agency” or “Team“.

Switching between panels

Agency Options

Agency Options is where you can set up email notifiers that will be sent to your clients. You can write any notifier yourself, and don't need to mention using Woodpecker – they are white-labeled.

Custom notifiers are available for: 

  • Connecting a client's email to Woodpecker. 
  • Sending a user invite.
  • Reminding about invite, if the new user wasn't set up.

How to set it up?

In your Company panel, navigate to Settings → Agency Options

  • Select the sender email address (it needs to be connected to Woodpecker).
  • Type in the subject and message for each notifier. Don't forget to click "Save Changes" afterward!
  • Send your test email.

Billing Data and Pricing

You can review your payments and pricing, and update your Billing Data at any time in your Company panel.

Navigate to Settings → Billing. Click "Edit Billing Data" (top-right) to modify what you need, and make sure to have the field "Billing Email" filled out, so that any new invoice is emailed to you. Learn where to find your invoice.

Adding new Users

Adding new Users is completely free for Agencies. You are only charged for the Email Accounts in active Companies and in your Company panel.

Any Email Account you connect is charged as a Seat, according to your pricing plan (e.g. $60/Seat/month). More info »


In this panel, you can see all your Active companies (at the top), as well as the Inactive ones (at the bottom).

Active companies

Inactive companies

How to use this panel:

  • Company (1) lists the Companies' names;
  • Owner (2) is the user who owns/manages this company;
  • Running Campaigns (3) gives you the number of campaigns running for that company at present;
  • Off/On Off/On switch (4) is the little switch that allows you to fully deactivate or reactivate a company – either way, just click it;
  • Gear icon Gears icon (5) gives you the options to edit the company's name, select the owner, and grant access to any User;
  • Login (6) will take you directly to that company's sub-account. That's where you can modify any settings for that company, update the prospect base, and create or edit any campaigns.

You can also filter (7) the entries in the list, and Add a new Company (8) right here.

Daily sending

Daily sending is where you can review  all campaigns (for all Companies) which have been sent Today.

What you can get from the list:

  • company's name (1),
  • how many emails have been sent already: Sent (2),
  • what is the active campaigns' Delivery Time (3) (for that campaign), and
  • who manages that company: Owner (4).

Expanding (5) entry gives you a brief overview of all campaigns and emails in that company.

To narrow down the list, use filters (6), and filter by Owner.

Deactivating a Company

Deactivating a company using the On/Off slider puts all charges for it on hold.

When you know that a company will have no running campaigns for at least two weeks, it's a very good idea to deactivate it to save a few gold pieces. You can reactivate that company at any time later.
More details on pricing»

That's all there is to it!

If you'd like to learn more, please check the related articles right below.

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