Conditional Email Configuration

"My email connected with Woodpecker conditionally", what does it mean?

Conditional Email Configuration means that Woodpecker can send emails from your mailbox, but the app will fail to fetch the responses you get from your Woodpecker campaign.

As a result, some responses in Woodpecker won’t appear in Woodpecker Inbox, the app may send a follow-up to an address which already replied, or your statistics may be imprecise.

You’ll be notified if that happens as the connected email will be shown in orange color.

To get a proper email configuration, do the 2nd attempt. 

  • Make sure there is no forwarding or labeling set up on your account and that you've enabled IMAP on your mailbox. 
  • Also, check your SPAM folder for any message coming from the Woodpecker domain. If you see there any notification email, move it to the inbox.

Next, try to reconnect your email. 

1. Click on the email address you connected with Woodpecker

Go to "Settings and click on the "Email Accounts" tab. You’ll be able to see there all the email accounts you’ve added before. Click on the email which was connected conditionally. It will be in an orange font with a warning sign next to it.

2. Click ‘edit’ next to ‘Configuration’

3. Click 'Continue’

You don’t have to edit any of the existing fields. Just click continue and wait for Woodpecker notification. That should resolve the issue. 


Manual testing

If you still get a notification about conditional email configuration do a manual test (send and receive a message). If successful, notify our Support team. If the test fails and the issue still persists, also let us know. 

Other connection issues

Experiencing issues while connecting your mailbox to Woodpecker? Have a look at our article I can't connect my mailbox.

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