How to edit billing data or update payment method?

  • Payment Info is where you select your payment method (Credit Card or PayPal) and input the right credentials.
  • Billing Data will be used in your invoices. You can also add a Billing Email that the invoices will be sent to.


Update Payment Info

Step 1:

Payment method step 1

Step 2:

Payment method step 2

Edit Billing Data

You can update your billing data at any time, and the changes will take effect with your next invoice.
For corrective invoices and any other billing-related inquiries, please contact

Billing Data described

An additional field will be shown for users located inside the European Union.

Note: you may have to click in the field for the additional options to appear.

EU VAT ID option 1 Select "I have EU VAT ID." if your company has one, and input it in the field above.
The app will notify you if the ID is invalid – typos can happen, so just check it and try again.

EU VAT ID option 2 Select "I don't have EU VAT ID. I am a registered business." if you're running a registered company that doesn't (yet!) have an EU VAT ID.

EU VAT ID option 3 Select "I don't have EU VAT ID. I am an individual." if you don't own (or do not represent) a registered business, or would simply like to be billed as an individual.

Dla użytkowników z Polski pojawi się następujące pole:
Users located in Poland will see the following field:

Uwaga: aby zobaczyć dodatkowe opcje, należy kliknąć puste pole "NIP".
Note: click on the empty field "NIP" for the additional options to appear.

Wybierz opcję 1, jeśli chcesz otrzymywać faktury na firmę. Wpisz NIP firmy w polu powyżej.
Select option 1 to have your company billed for your account. Input your company's NIP in the field above.

Wybierz opcję 2, jeśli chcesz otrzymywać faktury na osobę fizyczną.
Select option 2 in order to be billed as an individual.

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