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What is paid for in my account? What are Seats?

You can add multiple Users and Email Accounts to your Woodpecker account. These are Seats.

Any Woodpecker account has one Seat by default: there is one User (the owner), and you need to connect one Email Account to it to start sending. These are included in the base fee.

Additional Users and/or Email Accounts are extra Seats, and additional charges apply to these.

The fee for a Seat depends on the pricing plan that you are using:

  • Start-up: $40/Seat
  • Team Pro: $50/Seat
  • Enterprise: custom pricing

A User and Email Account, when added together, comprise one Seat. Otherwise, additional Email Accounts and Users are charged extra (as Seats) on their own.

Some examples:

  • 1 User + 1 Email Account = 1 Seat
  • 1 User + 3 Email Accounts = 3 Seats

  • 4 Users + 2 Email Accounts = 4 Seats
  • 2 Users + 4 Email Accounts = 4 Seats
  • 4 Users + 4 Email Accounts = 4 Seats

  • 7 Users + 5 Email Accounts = 7 Seats
  • 6 Users + 12 Email Accounts = 12 Seats
More examples »


  • Agency accounts are charged for the Email Accounts connected to the Companies that they manage. 
  • Adding new Users to any Company is free of charge for Agencies. 

How is my billing calculated?

Your payment will be calculated for all Seats that are (or were) active in your account in the last billing cycle.

The payment remains the same every month if you make no changes to your account (i.e. add or remove Seats).

For example, if you are running an account with 2 Users and 2 Email Accounts, you have 2 Seats in it, and with the standard Start-up pricing plan ($40 per Seat), your monthly fee will be 2 × $40 = $80.

More examples »

Any additional Seat (User and/or Email Account) that you add is charged separately, according to your pricing plan. The exact cost depends on how many days the extra User and/or Email Account was used. See right below for more details: Is this pre-paid or post-paid?

Is this pre-paid or post-paid?

All the account features chosen with your pricing plan are pre-paid on a monthly basis.

Newly added Seats, on the other hand, are postpaid. Fees for any new Seats are currently not collected right away, and will only be "attached" to your next billing – that's because you can add and remove these at any time.


A new User and additional Email Account were added two weeks after the start of the 30-day billing cycle. At the end of this billing cycle, these two will count as one additional Seat, with 15 out of 30 days of use.

The next fee for this Woodpecker account will be calculated as follows:

$40 (pre-paid base account fee, 1 default Seat) + $20 (post-paid additional Seat, used for 15/30 days) = $60

More examples »

Where can I find the details of my next payment?

Just navigate to Settings → Billing, and click see details, right next to the date and estimated amount of your next payment. You will find all the features in your account with their pricing listed there.

See this article to learn what's what.

Where will I find my invoice?

We issue invoices as the legal documents confirming your payments. These will be available in your Woodpecker account (Settings → Billing → Payment history) within 7 days after payment, and will be sent to your billing email (if you set it).

For more information on your invoices, see this article.

To learn how to edit your billing data, and change your billing email, see this article.

To deal with corrective invoices, please contact support.

How do I remove Seats and cancel fees?

Removing a Seat, by removing a User and/or Email Account, effectively discontinues charges for it.

When you remove a User or Email Account, only a part of the fee for it will apply in your next payment (see: Is this pre-paid or post-paid?), correspondingly to the number of days during which that item remained active in your account.

So long as  an account remains active, it is c harged the base monthly fee (as for 1 Seat). Learn how to pause your account »

Users are found in Settings  Company Settings → Team.

  • Click on the red × on any User to remove it.

Email Accounts are found in Settings → Email Accounts.

  • Click on the trash bin icon on the right to remove an Email Account.

If you wish to stop using the whole account and have your subscription cancelled, see Deleting the account.

Remember that you can also pause your account in order to keep all your data.


  • Agency accounts are only charged for Email Accounts that they connect to Companies.
  • Removing an Email Account from a Company discontinues charges for it.
  • Deactivating a Company effectively puts all charges for it (i.e. all of its Email Accounts) on hold with the same day. Examples »

Can I pause my account for time being?

Yes, in order to keep your profile and all data for later use, you can have your account paused. 

How to pause account: Go to your Billing → 'DELETE ACCOUNT' → click 'Pause or cancel'  → click Pause account $5/user/mo

Alternatively, contact support specifying your Woodpecker login.

Details: While your account is paused, sending emails and creating new campaigns is disabled, but you retain full access to all your data: you can review and tag messages in Inbox, update your prospect base and download any entries to a CSV file, as well as review any of your campaigns, and related statistics. These will also update with any new replies from your prospects during the pause.

What remains functional Where What is disabled
reviewing and tagging emails Inbox sending emails
reviewing statistics, editing emails, editing and downloading prospects Campaigns creating new campaigns
editing and removing prospects, downloading entries to a CSV file Prospects adding new prospects
editing profile and billing data, modifying signatures Settings adding or removing Users or Email Accounts

Pricing: When your account is paused, the monthly fee is reduced to $5 per Seat (regardless of your pricing plan). The most recent fee is also discounted from your next standard payment when you come back to full subscription.

For example, an account with 2 Seats was paused for 6 months, with a fee of $10 per month, and "generated" a discount of $10 (2 × $5). The payment will then be $70 (instead of $80) when resuming.

More examples »

Note: if you added any Seats in the month before the pause, the payment for these will be postponed until you resume your account. (See: Is it pre-paid or post-paid?)

The pause fee might also be slightly different on that basis (as in $5 + $1.5 extra), depending on how many extra Seats you have been using, and for how long. For clarity, see some examples of how this works »

Billing examples

In this section you will find several billing "scenarios" in Woodpecker: we consider, for instance, what happens when the user adds and/or removes a Seat, pauses or deletes their account, or deactivates a Company in their Agency account.

For simplicity, we assume that the month ( billing cycle) in the following examples has 30 days.

Woodpecker understands that February has 28 days, as one example, and that, hey – there are leap years, too. It even knows that years start at different hours around the globe. (It only launches fireworks on leap years, however.)

All of these (well, except for the fireworks) are taken into account, and your billing is calculated accordingly in each month.

Adding and removing Seats

Standard account, 1 Seat

John chose the Start-up pricing plan, and manages his account himself, as the single user. He sends emails from one email account – that's 1 Seat. His monthly fee will be $40.

2 Seats

Michael chose the Start-up pricing plan and shares his account with his colleague, having 2 Users and 2 Email Accounts in it – that's 2 Seats. His monthly fee will be $80.

1 Seat, 1 Seat added

Robert chose the Team Pro pricing plan, with one User and Email Account (= 1 Seat), and after two weeks he decided to add another (1) Email Account for sending.

His payment will be $75 in the next month: $50 (base account fee, incl. one Seat) + (15/30) × $50 (fee for two weeks' use of additional Seat).

Unless he removes the additional mailbox later, the next payment will be $100 (full 2 Seats).

1 Seat, 1 Seat added (then removed, and then re-added)

Charlie chose the Team Pro pricing plan, with one User and Email Account (= 1 Seat), and immediately added another (1) Email Account for sending.

All campaigns finished sending from this other account in a week, and he decided to remove it. However, two days later, he saw another opportunity for cold outreach and re-added that account.

If a user re-adds the account within 10 days after it was removed, he will be charged for the whole period of use.

His pricing will be $100 in the next month: $50 (base account fee) + $50 (fee for additional Seat).

Pause and Delete

2 Seats: Delete

Paul has 2 Seats in his account. He added 2 Seats more, but a few days later he decided to delete his account.

No further payments apply; Paul's account is deactivated with the end of his billing cycle, and then scheduled for deletion after 7 days.

2 Seats: Pause (6 months)

Jena pauses her account for 6 months. Her account has 2 Team Users and 2 Email Accounts (which is 2 Seats), with Start-up pricing, and a monthly fee of $80 (2 × $40).

During the pause period, she will pay 6 × $5 × 2 = $60 for her paused account. The most recent payment ($10) will be applied as a discount that in the month when she resumes her account. She will then pay $70 for her account in that month: $80 (fee for 2 Seats) – $10 (discount).


Agency: 3 Companies, 3 Seats total

Amy owns an Agency account that has 3 Companies, all with 1 Email Account (3 Seats total).

Amy's pricing plan is $60/Seat, and all Companies in her Agency remain active. The fee for her Agency account is going to be $180 (3 × $60) per month.

Agency: 2 Companies, 4 Seats total (2 Seats deactivated later)

Steve runs an Agency account that has 2 Companies with 2 Email Accounts each (4 Seats total).

However, all campaigns in the second company had completed sending in two weeks, and Steve then deactivated the second Company (with 2 Email Accounts) in his Agency panel.

He pays $60/Seat, and the Email Accounts in the second Company will only cost him half the regular fee – for half a month's use.

His next payment will be $180, for two Seats in the first company, and another two in the second, which were used for half of the month: 2 × $60 + 2 × (15/30)×$60.

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