Where can I find the details of my next payment?

Payment details

The list of active Seats in your account, together with their current pricing, can be found in Settings → Billing.

You can access it by clicking "see details" in the Payment section, next to the date, and the estimated amount of your next payment.

Seat: User + Email Account

When adding a new User, you can add another Email Account free of charge. 1 User and 1 Email Account, added together, comprise 1 Seat.

Adding one Email Account is included in the base fee. You can also remove it, and connect a different one at any time. In either case, you will not be charged extra.

In the screenshots on this page, you can see 4 Users and 4 Email Accounts. That's 4 Seats in total.

With the Start-up pricing plan, the fee for these will be 4 × $40 = $160.

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Users are found in Settings → Company Settings → Team

To add a new User, click the "New user" button. Read more »

To remove a User, click them in the list, and then click the red ×. Read more »

Users are charged since the day you add them, and until you remove them from your account.

Email Accounts are found in Settings → Email Accounts

To add a new Email Account, click the green "Add Email Account" button.

To remove an Email Account, click the trash bin icon on the right of that account.

Only the Email Accounts that have been sending emails are charged.

Additional Email Accounts might be connected to receive emails only, and these will not be billed.

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