Email Account: Advanced setup

If you're connecting a custom email account (e.g. one that you have hosted on your own server), or setting up a different SMTP for sending, this guide will take you through the advanced setup process.

Even if that's "advanced", it's actually quick and easy, so let's get to it!

1. Click "Add Email Account"

Go to Settings, and click the tab "Email Accounts" tab. You’ll be able to see all the email accounts that you’ve added before here. Start adding a new one by clicking "Add Email Account".

2. Choose your email provider or select "Other (IMAP)"

Please choose whether you wish to connect an email account on Google, Office 365, or Microsoft Exchange, or a mailbox based on your own server - "Other (SMTP)".

Next, select " Advanced - I want to use other SMTP server", and click "ADD EMAIL".

The price for connecting your mailbox depends on the pricing plan you chose. Have a look at our Billing F.A.Q if you're not sure how your monthly payment is calculated.

Notice that when you click on one of the email providers, you'll see the relevant information about the sending limits. That helps to make sure that you do not send more messages than you're allowed to, and avoid getting blocked by your provider.

3. Add your IMAP server data

Type in your email address or login, password, and the IMAP server address for this account. Trouble finding it? Try your settings in your mailbox, or check your email provider's help page.

4. Add your SMTP server data

Choose the SMTP service from the dropdown menu. It can be Sendgrid, Mailgun, Google, Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, or any other SMTP.

Depending on your choice, you may be asked to provide an API key.

5. Optionally, add your "From Name" and signature

Add your From Name and signature here, or do it later by editing your email in Settings > Email Accounts.

6. Finalize the setup

Click " ADD EMAIL" and wait until Woodpecker finishes the configuration.

Note: Woodpecker may connect your email address conditionally Check what that means here.

Having some issues while connecting your account? Check out our article I can't connect my mailbox.
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