How to update your signature

You can edit your signature in Signature in Settings >> Email Accounts >> 

Edit Email >> Signature

Alternatively, you can also add a fancy HTML signatures using the HTML edit mode:

How to update your signature in an existing campaign?

  1. Go to campaign editor and find "send from:" field.
  2. Switch currently visible email address to "choose..." option.
  3. Reselect email address with the updated signature instead of "choose..." option.

Known issues:

  • My signature does not want to save - Your Signature needs to start with the text not HTML code. You can include an image or clickable link after a text input, for example 

"Best regards, 




  • My images are not displayed in the signature. - Images need to be properly uploaded on the internet. If an  image  is saved locally or access to the file is restricted (For example by Google drive) it will not download and display properly when the email is opened.
  • My HTML signature is not displayed properly. - Different browsers and email clients may display your signature differently. It's good to test it out across multiple devices.
  • Link included in the signature appears to be purple. - Your browser recognises that you have already visited particular address. The link will have blue colour by default.

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