Deliverability: Introduction

What is deliverability?

Deliverability is the number of emails that have reached the recipients' inboxes compared to the number of sent messages overall. The goal is to have as many of your emails land in your prospects' "inboxes" rather than going to "spam", as one instance.

Why is deliverability so important?

High email deliverability is crucial if you really want to reach your prospects and get them interested. If your emails don't reach their inbox, they don't have the chance to familiarize themselves with it and consider your offer.

How do we measure deliverability?

Measuring deliverability is usually associated with the percentage value available in most applications for email marketing, where it is determined as sent emails minus bounced divided by sent emails again. It is, however, not reliable, because in reality the amount of email that reach their recipients' inboxes might be (much) lower than this value could suggest. A lot of messages end up in folders such as "spam" or get blocked by the email servers or client applications.

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