Adding tracked links in Woodpecker

1. In the Campaign Editor, place your text cursor or select the part of the text where you wish to put the link.

2. Click "Create Click Link" icon. 

3. Paste the URL of the site you wish your receivers to get to and add/check LINK TEXT to display.

4. Check the "Track links" checkbox, and click ADD to apply.

5. Save & send your campaign. Now you can observe your click rate in the campaign stats.

It is important to add links using the 'Create Click Link' button. This needs to be repeated for every message in the sequence. Simply copying and pasting tracked link from another message in the sequence or another campaign will result in a broken link
Tips: Clearing the text formatting will reduce the HTML code in your message, make the contents cleaner, lighter and have a positive impact on your deliverability.

If you need to copy-paste the message copy, please do so with:
a) Ctrl+Shift+V (Paste without formatting)
b) Copy-paste through a simple text editor (to clear message formatting with a simple text editor)

Remember to  check  why  we do not recommend to track links! More on our Blog.
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