How to include the opt out (unsubscribe) option in my campaign?

Firstly, we would like to encourage you to read our blog post on the topic, if you have not done so already. 

If you would still like to include the 'unsubscribe' link in your messages here is how to accomplish this:

In the campaign view, go to 'Edit' mode.

Choose 'more custom fields' from the drop-down menu.


The 'unsubscribe' link is added in the place where the cursor is in the moment.

You might want the unsubscribe link to be called something else than 'unsubscribe' e.g. 'I am not interested'. It is quite easy to achieve. Let's consider our example. We have a default 'unsubscribe' in the content. To change the word triggering the unsubscribe action we need to see the html code. Use '<\>' button:

I have highlighted the part that can be edited. Let's change the 'unsubscribe' to something like 'I am not interested'. We should get something like this:

Of course the 'unsubscribe' custom field in Woodpecker can be put in any place just like any other custom field. We might combine it with normal text to get something like this:

How does it work?

Last but not least - what is the mechanism behind the 'unsubscribe' link? It is simple - if a prospect clicks it its status is changed to BLACKLIST. Please remember that this stats can only be changed back manually i.e. by going to prospect list and changing it to, for example, ACTIVE.


To make sure the unsubscribe feature will work as intended always use 'more custom fields'>>UNSUBSCRIBE option to add the 'unsubscribe' link (in every email in the sequence). Simply copying the link from the content of other email in your campaign (even if it is a previous email in the sequence) will not work, and the prospect will not be able to unsubscribe properly.

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