How to integrate Calendly with Woodpecker

Calendly is now natively integrated with Woodpecker and thanks to that, you’ll get a new level of control over your leads. Woodpecker will monitor your Calendly appointments and once your prospects schedule a meeting, our app will automatically stop them from progressing in the campaign.


1. How to set it up
2. What happens if a prospect schedules a meeting?
3. FAQ

Calendly Integration is a part of an API Key and Integrations add-on, click here to learn how to get it on Marketplace »

How to set it up

In order to connect Woodpecker with Calendly, go to the Marketplace → Integrations and click on the Calendly icon.

For this integration to work, you'll need to be either a premium user in Calendly or a trial one.

On the next page, click the Connect button under the integration description.

Confirm the connection in the pop-up window.

Note: Woodpecker will connect the Calendly account to which you are currently logged. If you wish to connect another account or connect multiple accounts, you’ll need to go to Calendly, log out, and you can log in to the desired account through the pop-up window in Woodpecker after.

You can integrate multiple Calendly accounts with Woodpecker using Add Calendly Account button.

That’s it! Your Calendly account is connected to Woodpecker and our app will monitor all your scheduled events from now on.

What happens if a prospect schedules a meeting?

Once your prospect will schedule a meeting with you, using an email address that is in one of your campaigns (or even just in your main prospects base), Woodpecker will notice that and stop further sending for them.

Such a prospect will be marked as Responded in your main prospect base.

You’ll also find them in the campaign with the status Paused (Other).

And in the To Check tab under the Other campaign section.

If you want to get them back to the sending queue and send them an email regardless of their scheduled meeting, you’ll need to manually change their status back to Active in campaign edit mode.


Q.: Can I delete the connected Calendly account?
Yes, just click on the trash icon next to it in order to delete it.

Q.: What if my prospect will cancel a meeting?
If they cancel the meeting Woodpecker will not change their status back to Active, they will remain marked as Responded. You’ll have to change their status back to Active manually.

Q.: If my prospect will schedule a meeting using a different email address will Woodpecker still mark them as ‘Responded’?
No, Woodpecker will only monitor meetings scheduled with email addresses added to the prospect’s base in our app - either to the campaign or just the main prospect base. If your prospect will schedule a meeting using a different email address, you’ll need to manually change their status.

Q.: What about meetings that were scheduled before I connected my Calendly account - will Woodpecker also look through them?
No, there is no past synchronization between Woodpecker and Calendly, which means that our app will monitor only newly created meetings after integrating it with Calendly.

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