What happens if I forgot to do my task?

While adding a manual task to your campaign flow you can set a due date in which this task needs to be done. Once your campaign will reach a step with certain tasks you can either mark it as ‘done’ or ‘ignored’ in a set time period.

If you forget to do so, your task will be automatically marked as ‘Overdue’ and will stop your prospect from moving on to the next step in the campaign.

Manual Tasks are a part of an Advanced Campaigns add-on, click here to learn more about it » and how to get it on Marketplace »

What's next?

If you forget to mark a task in set time, the prospect assigned to the task will still be shown as Active. However, such prospects will not proceed in campaign flow unless you change their task markings.

Remember that marking your overdue task as both ‘Done’ or ‘Ignored’ will put your prospects in the To Check’ tab with status ‘Paused (manual)’ and you will need to change their status back to ‘Active’ there. More about ‘To Check’ tab here »

I’ve completed my task but emails aren’t being sent

You completed your task for certain prospects, however they aren’t queued for sending in the next step? Please check their status.

Only prospects with status ‘Active’ will move further in campaign flow after completing their task by you.

If your prospect is ‘Blacklisted’, clicked unsubscribe link and is assigned as ‘Opt-out’ or ‘Responded’ in the meantime, they won’t be moved further in campaign flow even if you complete your task.  Here you can read more about statuses in Woodpecker »

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