How to integrate LeadFuze with Woodpecker?

Leadfuze is a prospecting tool thanks to which you can automate prospecting and outreach. To learn more about the benefits of this integration have a look at our blog post.

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How to set it up

Step #1 Log in to Woodpecker and generate an API key.

1. Go to your Settings → 'INTEGRATIONS'. 

2. Go to API keys and click 'CREATE A KEY'. 

4. Once the API Key is generated, copy it.

Step #2 Log in to LeadFuze

1. Open your LeadFuze account and navigate to Settings → Integrations.

2. Choose Woodpecker in the list and turn the integration on. 

6. Paste the API key generated previously in your Woodpecker account and click ' Authenticate' afterward. 

Now, you can start to move your prospects from LeadFuze to Woodpecker. It will save a lot of your time - you won't need to import CSV, XLS or XLSX files to Woodpecker anymore. 

You can choose one of the two options:  Automatic sync of contacts or Manual export. 


Q: How to set up the Automatic sync of contacts?

To set that up, follow these steps:

  1. Open your LeadFuze account, click Leads (1.) → choose a list (2.),

  2. Edit the list.
  3. Go to List Options →  Send to →  Woodpecker → Settings;
  4. Choose the Woodpecker campaign which will receive the data from this list;
  5. Click ‘Save’.
  6. Your leads from LeadFuze will be automatically added as prospects in the chosen campaign in Woodpecker.

Q: How to export leads to Woodpecker manually?

  1. As in the case of automatic sync, open your LeadFuze account, click Leads → choose a list.
  2. Edit the list.
  3. Select contacts from the list.
  4. Go to List Options →  Send to →  Woodpecker → Settings.
  5. Choose the Woodpecker campaign from the list. If you haven't created any campaign in Woodpecker yet, you should do this first.

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