How to integrate Hunter with Woodpecker?

Import your prospect lists created in directly to your Woodpecker account. 


How it works
How to set it up
What happens next

How it works is a lead generation tool. Integrating it with Woodpecker allows you to import prospects straight into to your Prospects tab or a chosen campaign without the need to export your leads to CSV and then import them to Woodpecker each time you want to add new leads.

All you need to speed up this process is to integrate your Hunter account with Woodpecker. 

This integration will work only for If-campaigns. Make sure you enabled this feature in company settings »

Why you need it

  • Use advanced search options to create a high-quality list of prospects in Hunter. 
  • Easily import those leads list to the Woodpecker Prospects database.
  • Automatically push new contacts to Woodpecker campaigns.


Leads list – your prospects list generated in Hunter

Field mapping – the process of connecting Woodpecker fields to (the) Hunter ones to import the right information about your prospects

How to set it up

Before you start

The API key that you generate in Hunter gives you access to your prospects list and the public ones for that specific Hunter account.

If you share your Hunter account with other users you may want to import their private lead lists to Woodpecker too. To do so, their owners need to change the privacy settings of those lists from private to public. Alternatively, use another API key.

Step #1 Connecting your Hunter account to Woodpecker

  1. Open the ‘Integrations’ tab and select ‘Hunter’ from the list of your available integrations.
  2. Click ‘Connect’.
  3. Get an API key from Hunter, paste it in Woodpecker, and click ‘Continue’. If you need some help, click ‘Get instructions’.

  4. Connect Hunter information fields with Woodpecker ones.

Step #2 Importing your leads list to Woodpecker

  1. Open the ‘Lead lists’ tab and hover over the ‘more info’ icon.
  2. Click one of the icons:

  • Add to campaign – Type in or select a campaign you want to import your prospects to. 
  • Add to Woodpecker – Your prospects will be added to the main Prospects tab.
  • Preview – Check details of your prospects: Email, First name, Last name, Company, etc.

Please note: You can also import your prospects while previewing your leads list.

What happens next?


Your new prospects will be imported to the Woodpecker Prospects database with an ACTIVE status and tag #HUNTER. Check the column “IMPORTED” to see when and from which Hunter leads list your prospects were added to Woodpecker.


In case some of your prospects are already in your database, Woodpecker will detect the duplicates automatically, also when importing prospects using Hunter integration. 

Importing already existing contacts to Woodpecker, however, depends on the option you chose during the integration process.

What would you like to do with duplicate contacts?

  • If you decided to ignore the new entry and keep the existing contact intact, we won’t change your prospects’ data in Woodpecker, even if the information collected in Hunter is different.
  • If you check-marked to update the existing contact with changed or new fields we will update their info. Their status won’t be changed, though, as this data exists only in Woodpecker/is specific to Woodpecker.

Please note: If you change your mind, though, you can always update your settings/preferences. Go to ‘General settings’, select what would you like to do with duplicate contacts, and then save changes. 

Prospect’s status

A quick reminder, statuses are available only in Woodpecker. You won't find them in Hunter. 

Your prospects will be added to a campaign with the same status that is assigned to them in the main Prospects tab. 

For example, importing prospects with BLACKLISTED or OPT-OUT status to the campaign of your choice won’t change their status to ACTIVE. In this way, we make sure that you don’t send emails to leads who don’t want to be contacted.

Read more about statuses in Woodpecker »

Removing integration

  1. Go to ‘Integrations’  → ‘My integrations’ → ‘Hunter’ → ‘About’. 
  2. Click ‘Delete this integration’ and confirm by clicking ‘Delete’.

Mind you, if you delete your integration with Hunter, you’ll lose the integration settings. From now on, no data will be fetched from Hunter.


Q: Is it possible to pause the integration for the time being?

There’s no need to pause it, as the integration isn’t automated. That means that you control what leads lists are imported to Woodpecker and when. Also, it is you who decide which information is sent to Woodpecker. To check what data you transfer, go to the ‘Field mapping’ tab.

If you’d like to stop this integration you can remove it.

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