Where do I get the URL for my image from?

Let's say you tried to insert an image to an email in your campaign, or to a signature. You clicked the Insert/edit image icon and then Woodpecker asked you to enter IMAGE URL of the image. 

Now you wonder: Where do I get the URL from? Where do I upload the image to generate a URL?

Generating URL

To generate the URL (a static link to your image) you need to upload it to a hosting service. You can add the image to the same service which hosts your website or use a free hosting website, for example,  imgbox

Remember, that you will not be able to add a photo that is uploaded to Google Drive or Dropbox due to privacy settings.

When you upload the image that you want to use in Woodpecker, the hosting service generates the URL. Copy that link and then insert it in Woodpecker as the IMAGE URL and click ADD. Check how to upload your image to the hosting service »


For troubleshooting, in case you tried adding your image and it didn't work – check the FAQ section »

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