What is DKIM?

DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) is a way to authenticate and protect your domain. DKIM helps to safely deliver your messages to your prospects.


What is DKIM?
Why do you want to set it up?
How do you set up the DKIM record?
Common domain hosts

What is DKIM?

By encrypting private and public keys in the email header, your domain gets validated. In short, by setting DKIM on your DNS, you let your recipients know that your emails come from authorized servers. Learn more about DKIM by consulting your hosting's help page.

Why do you want to set it up?

  • avoid spam issues,
  • you're being recognized as a valid sender,
  • your domain is authenticated, which means you protect its good reputation,
  • higher open rate,
  • lower bounce rate,
  • higher responded and satisfaction rate.

How do you set up DKIM?

The way you set up your DKIM record depends on your domain host.

Below, you'll find the guides to the most common domain hosts:

Google SPF and DKIM

Microsoft SPF and DKIM

Zoho SPF and DKIM

Namecheap SPF&DKIM

GoDaddy SPF

Amazon SES


Q: What about DMARC? Do I need to set it up?

No, there is no need for setting up the DMARC record for your cold email outreach. SPF records and DKIM are enough!

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