How many prospects can I add to Woodpecker?

Adding prospects to Woodpecker is simple. Here you can learn about good practices.


How many prospects can I import to Woodpecker in one file?
How many prospects can I add to one campaign?
How big should my campaign be?

How many prospects can I import to Woodpecker in one file?

Up to 20,000 prospects in one CSV or Excel file upload. 

How many prospects can I add to one campaign?

You can add a maximum of 20,000 prospects to a single campaign. Though such a big number isn't recommended. Why? 

Deliverability — spam issues

The more contacts you include in a campaign, the more time it takes for the campaign to finish. Moreover, sending a large number of identical emails can lead to spam issues, for example, blocking your email address and domain. 

Good practices 

Instead of having one long prospects list, we suggest dividing it into smaller ones. Not only your campaign can be completed faster, but you have a higher chance of avoiding anti-spam filters. Be creative, add a human touch to your campaigns with the use of our custom fields. Watch out, add more than only one or two snippets. {{First Name}} or {{Company}} no longer protect you from spam checkers. Here you can read about how personalization affects cold email deliverability. 

Having that in mind, create multiple campaigns, add the diverse email body content, upload your prospects, and hit the SEND button.

How big should my campaign be?

Visit our blog to read about the Lean Approach to Email Outreach. In case you're sending several campaigns from one mailbox, please have a look at this article.


Prospect list takes a long time to load. Why? What can you do?

Clean your browser history and cache. You can also switch to Mozilla Firefox, as it proved to work better with Woodpecker.

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