Sending several campaigns from one mailbox

Sometimes you may wonder why it takes that long for your campaigns to finish sending. The reason can be that you're sending several campaigns from one email address.


Things to check first
Separate settings for each mailbox
Sending several campaigns from one mailbox
What does it mean for me?
Prioritising a campaign

Things to check first:

Separate settings for each mailbox

Each mailbox setting is separate for each email address. On default, you can send around 500 emails a day at random times, between every 60 and 120 seconds. This gives you around 37 emails per hour. Of course, you can change these numbers, having in mind your email provider's limitations. 

When you send more than one campaign from the same email address, you need to consider Sending limits and campaigns' settings. 

Sending settings

To check and edit your "Sending limits" go to Settings → Email accounts → Click your email → Sending.

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Sending several campaigns from one mailbox

If several campaigns are set to go out from one address at the same time, the emails from all those campaigns will be sent in an interweaving way, for instance, one email in Campaign A, and another in Campaign B.

Example, you have two campaigns running at the same time from one email address: Campaign A and Campaign B. According to your default settings, you can send out around 37 emails per hour. That makes around 18 emails in each campaign: 18 messages in Campaign A and 18 messages in Campaign B, providing there were no delays or errors.

All the emails planned to be sent at the time will be put into the single queue, with the follow-ups having priority over Emails #1. Scheduled emails will be evenly distributed across all running campaigns. 

What does it mean for me?

The more campaigns you have running at the same time, the longer it takes for them to complete. 

Prioritising a campaign

If you want to prioritise one of your campaigns, pause all the remaining ones to be sure the messages get into your prospects' inboxes on time. Alternatively, adjust the Delivery time.

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