How to include an image in my email?

At Woodpecker there are two options for including an image -  you can add it to your copy in the campaign or to your signature.

If you want to include an image you need to provide a link to it. Therefore, the image must be uploaded to a server or hosting service, and there must be a static link to it. Usually, there is no problem with uploading the image to the same server which hosts your website. Please remember, that you will not be able to add a photo that is uploaded to Google Drive or Dropbox. 
Once you have the link, you can click the "img" button and paste that link into the dialogue box. 

After pasting the link please click on ADD.

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Also, there is an option to include an image by HTML code. However, this option is intended for the advanced users. You will need to click the "html to text" button and paste a link. It will look like this:

How to upload an image to the web?

In case you would like to upload the image to the web and then include it in the email, you need to add it to the shared hosting websites with pictures. It will be totally free for you. Here are some hosting services that we can recommend to you:,,


1. Please make sure to add some text to the email copy before adding an image or the image will not be recognized:

2. Also, there is no possibility to change the size of the image in Woodpecker, that is why you need to upload your picture to the web with the exact size needed.

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