How to set Delivery time and timezone

Once you composed your cold email campaign, you can set the Delivery Time for all emails. You can also change the default Daily limit for the Opening email (Email #1), and add delay time for the follow-ups.


1. How to set up Daily limit for an Opening email
2. Set up the Delivery time for all emails and timezone

Set up Daily limit for the Opening emails

Remember that you'll be sending these emails from your own mailbox, and there are sending limits established by your email provider. Your campaigns must be set up so that these limits are not exceeded. Beware that sending too many emails can harm your domain's reputation and deliverability of your emails.

Set the maximum of Opening emails (Email #1) that you want to be sent daily. The default is 50 opening emails a day, but you may want to send fewer or more than that.

The limit is capped at 500. The recommended value is 100-150.

Check your  Sending limits to measure if you can send all your scheduled emails in one day. Go to  Settings → Email Accounts → Sending. 

Set up the Delivery time for all emails and timezone

For each of your emails, both the opening email and the follow-ups:

  • set up the days of the week for sending – just check or uncheck any;
  • set up the hours for sending (you can set them up to different for individual days);
  • add sending windows if you'd like to send emails in intervals;
  • select the timezone;
  • check-mark the option "Use prospect's timezones if available" to send campaign accordingly to pre-selected timezones

Learn more about how Woodpecker sends emails and about Settings for boosting sending in Woodpecker.

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