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29 Apr 2021

Calendly integration

A simple, yet powerful integration is available! All prospects who schedule a meeting with you, will be automatically marked as RESPONDED. How to integrate Calendly with Woodpecker »

29 Mar 2021

LinkedIn tasks

Manual tasks have a new option. With this feature you'll find your prospects on Linkedin in a blink of an eye... or with two mouse clicks. How to use LinkedIn Tasks? »

13 Feb 2021


A new, more flexible billing system in our app, which lets you create a perfect set of features tailored for your needs. No more standard pricing plan - you can now create your own. Read more »

16 Nov 2020

Snippet-based conditions

Split your email sequence into two paths based on prospects’ data and add even more personalization to your messages. Read more »

14 Oct 2020

Manual Tasks

It’s the first step towards multichannel campaigns in Woodpecker. Add a manual task and never forget to close your deals via LinkedIn, Twitter or phone. Read more »

11 Aug 2020

Google Sheets Integration

Spread the word about your business faster with our Google Sheets integration. Easily import your spreadsheets to Woodpecker and start contacting your prospects right away. Connect Woodpecker to your Google Account and forgot about exporting CSV files. Read more »

09 June 2020

Attach the previous message to your follow-up sent separately

Now, when sending follow-ups separately, you can also decide whether you'd like to include the content of your previous email or not. Click the  quotation mark icon to attach the previous message. Read more »

01 Jul 2020

Hunter Integration

Spending a lot of time on hunting up your leads in Hunter? Use our simple integration and import them to Woodpecker effortlessly. No more CSV file with prospects - import them straight into your campaign from your Hunter account. Read more »

20 May 2020

A/B tests in campaign

A/B testing, also known as split testing, is a process of comparing two or more versions of your email. Optimize your campaigns by creating up to 5 versions of one email. Test its copy and subject to find a version that is most appealing to your customers. 

Learn how to carry an A/B test » and check out our A/B Testing: FAQ »

19 May 2020

Sending follow-ups in the same thread or separately

Throughout the years we learned that sending follow-ups is the key. That's why by default we attach their content to your previous message and send them in the same thread. All you need to do is to leave your subject line blank, and we do the rest. If you wish to send your follow-ups separately, however, type in a new subject. Read more »

30 April 2020

AI-powered Interest Level

AI-powered Interest Level automatically analyzes English-language replies from prospects and determines a prospect's interest level. You'll still be able to change the interest level manually. Read more »

24 Mar 2020

Edit Email #1 in preview – customize your Email #1 in preview

We added a little twist to editing the email in the preview. Email customization in preview allows you to tailor your opening messages while previewing them. Correct errors or build a stronger relationship with some of your prospects by sending them a unique message. Read more »

19 Mar 2020

In-app notifications

Never lose track of your campaigns. You’ll get an in-app notification every time something’s not right with your email account and campaigns are not being sent. Read more »

11 Mar 2020

Edit Email #1 in preview

Correct errors or build a stronger relationship with some of your prospects by sending them a unique and more personalized message. How does it work? Editing email in preview allows you to make changes to the opening message (Email #1) from the preview level. Read more »

3 Mar 2020

Bulk change of prospects’ statuses in the ‘To Check’ tab and when importing contacts

Checkmark the prospects whose status you want to bulk change. Next, use the 'Change status in bulk' icon and then click 'save'. Please mind that in some cases you may be requested to verify and confirm your action.

Filter prospects by status NONRESPONSIVE

Now you can look up the unresponsive prospects also when editing a campaign. Download those contacts with a few clicks. First, use the filter 'Status' → NONRESPONSIVE. Secondly, checkmark the prospects you want to export. Thirdly, click the 'Actions' → 'Export as .csv'. Done! Read more »

25 Feb 2020

Bulk change of prospects’ statuses

Bulk actions allow you to update the data of multiple prospects at once. Now you can bulk change the status of your prospects with a few clicks. This option is available in the edit mode of a campaign and on the main Prospects list. Read more »

5 Feb 2020

Deliverability report

Now, when connecting your email account, you can check your deliverability report. Why did we introduce it? To make you aware of the deliverability parameters. Here you can check the correctness of the set SPF and DKIM records. 

Deliverability tab

Deliverability tab is available in "Settings" → "Email Accounts" → "Deliverability". The deliverability tab contains SPF and DKIM data completed when connecting the mailbox. Below, you can also find the "Refresh" button, which allows you to update the results. Read more »

14 Jan 2020

Clicks-based condition 

Set up tracked links as a Condition in If-campaigns to control the email sequence based on your prospects' level of engagement. Read more »

Import prospect from files also in .xls and .xlsx formats

Add your prospects directly from your CSV or Excel files. Read more »

18 Nov 2019


Recently, we've introduced If-campaigns which allow you to adjust your communication according to your prospect's engagement level. Share your thoughts with us at support@woodpecker.co.

Watch our video where we explain all the new features:

Creating a campaign consists of 3 parts:

1. PATH - create a sequence of emails
2. PROSPECTS - import and add your recipients
3. SEND - preview, send a test email or run a campaign


Open tracking

Open tracking (OT) is a feature that allows you to check who opens your email. It will come in handy if you decide to add a condition to your email sequence. OT has to be turned on to add the condition to your campaign. 

Check our guide to tracking open rates in Woodpecker »  

Add new sending window

Set a break between the sending. Let's say you'd like to reach your prospects in the morning when they usually check their emails, and in the afternoon before they leave work. Now you can set up to 3 windows to adjust the delivery time to your prospects' daily schedule.

In case hours overlap or are set incorrectly, Woodpecker will notify you about that (pay attention to red color!)

Use prospects' timezone if available

Now you can schedule campaigns in your prospect's timezone. This feature makes contacting your prospects easier. No more surprising emails in the middle of the night! Learn how to set delivery time and schedule emails using your prospect's timezone.


Decide what message your prospect will receive next. 

What is the condition?

A condition defines the action your prospect does, which triggers the next email from your sequence to be sent For example, if your prospect does A, then the Path YES starts. If a prospect doesn't do A, as expected, they will be sent follow-ups the Path NO.  

There are 2 types of conditions to choose from:


  1. If a prospect has opened an email more than X times – specify how many times (X) you want a prospect to open your email for a condition to be met. X stands for the number and it can be changed. 
  2. If a prospect has opened an email – it's enough that a prospect opened your email at least once for a condition to be met.


  1. If a prospect has clicked on a link more than times – add a tracking link in the previous mail and specify how many times (X) you want a prospect to click on a link in your email for a condition to be met. 
    X stands for the number and it can be changed. 
  2. If a prospect has clicked on a link – a condition is met when your prospect clicks the link in your email at least once.

What will happen if the selected condition is met? If a prospect opens your email more than X times, Woodpecker will send them a message from the Path YES next.

And what if the condition is not met? If a prospect doesn't open your email within the time you set in the time window (specified in days or hours), a follow-up from the Path NO will be sent next.

More about conditions


Add your follow-up to the sequence. At this point, you can decide whether you'd like to add a condition or not. 

Wait X days 

Click the clock icon to open the follow-up settings. You can set the waiting time to X (the number) hours or days after the previous email. 

Path YES and Path NO

By adding a condition you can create 2 Paths: 

  • Path YES – for the prospects who opened your email within a certain time (days/hours).
  • Path NO – for those recipients who didn't open your email within a certain time.


This is a local status, available only within campaigns. Your prospects get marked as nonresponsive when they don't respond to you within the time you selected in the follow-up settings. In case they respond later, their status will be automatically updated. Read more »


Adding your prospects hasn't changed. You can import them from a CSV, XLS or XLSX file, add manually or use your Prospects database. Read more »


Here you can see a summary of your campaign:

  • How many emails you have in each Path (Emails).  
  • How many prospects were added to the campaign (Prospects).
  • What email you use to send the campaign from (send from)
  • Here you can also change your email address and add Cc/Bcc.


Preview your campaign to have an overview of the Paths you've created. Browse through:

  • All emails, 
  • Email #1,
  • Email #2... 

Here you can see exactly how your message will look like for your prospect. 

  • Switch between the Paths by clicking them. 
  • Navigate by clicking the arrows Previous and Next
  • You can remove your prospects from the campaign at any time.

Campaign statistics

Statistics are marked in 2 colors: 

  • Green for Path YES.
  • Blue for Path NO. 

Click a respective Path to see all emails in the sequence or click the " Actions" tab → Show all details. More information about how to use cold email stats you can find in our Quickstart 2.

To download your statistics, click the "Actions" tab → Export as csv. Read more about exporting data from Woodpecker »

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