How to add users to Team

If there are more people in your company that deal with prospecting and cold outreach, you can add additional users to your single, main Woodpecker account. When connected together, the prospect database is shared by all team members.

How it works
Adding users to Team
Removing users from Team

How it works

A shared prospect database ensures that you can all keep track of all prospects collectively, which adds another layer of security that prevents the team members from accidentally contacting the same people twice, creating duplicates, or running overlapping campaigns.

You will also be able to set up and send campaigns to your colleagues, with their email address as the sender.


Please bear in mind that additional users are charged extra (as Seats), according to your pricing plan. Check out our Billing to learn how it works.

Adding new users' accounts in the Agency plan is free of charge.

Adding users to Team

To add somebody to your Team, please follow these steps:

1. Navigate to Settings COMPANY SETTINGS → Team.

2. Click New user.

3. Type the name and email of the user you want to invite.

User in the Agency plan

Adding new users' accounts in the Agency plan is free of charge.

4. Check-mark "admin" box if you want that person to have admin privileges:

  • to be able to add and remove users from the team, 
  • modify settings in the account,
  • use mailboxes connected by other users.

5. Don't forget to send the invitation email!

Removing users

Check out our article How to remove users from your Team.

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