How to use interest level?

The interest level is a feature we introduced so you could easily mark answers to your campaign right in Woodpecker Inbox. Moreover, you can also use it in a campaign. There are three markers available: Interested, Maybe later, and Not interested which should suffice for preliminary qualification of leads.


Interest level in Woodpecker Inbox
Campaign's summary
Campaigns' list
Exporting interest level

Interest level in Woodpecker Inbox

You can find those markers in WoodpeckerInbox. When you select on any reply from a prospect that has been assigned to a campaign you can choose one of the smiley faces to mark the message. They will then appear on the message list on the left.

Please note: The number of ‘Interested’ etc. next to the folder name in Inbox relates to how many messages have been assigned given status. So, if you have multiple messages from one prospect marked as ‘Interested’ each message will be counted as one. If you want to get more accurate statistics please go to the ‘Campaigns’ view. There, the number relates to prospect, so if there are multiple messages marked as ‘Interested’ from one prospect in a given campaign they will be counted as one instance of being interested.

Campaign's summary

Open a campaign and switch to the Prospects tab to mark your contacts with the relevant interest level:

  • Interested.
  • Maybe later.
  • Not interested.

Exporting interest level

To learn how to export prospects with certain Interest level, click here.

Campaigns list

Go to Campaigns' list to quickly check the Interest level for each campaign. The stats can be found on the right-hand side.

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