My campaign is running, but emails are not being sent

You've noticed that your campaign is in the running mode but there hasn't been any message sent? If yes, please check if your email account is properly connected to Woodpecker

How it works?

Go to the 'Settings' → 'Email accounts'. There, you should see a list of email accounts connected to your Woodpecker account.

  • Emails accounts connected properly are shown in black. 

  • Mailbox disconnected from Woodpecker will appear in red. 

How to reconnect your email account

1. Go to 'Settings' → 'Email accounts'.

2. Select the disconnected email account. You will be redirected to a new page. 

3. Click the Reconnect the email link.

4. Follow the steps on screen, allowing Woodpecker to access your inbox if necessary.

Q: Why did my mailbox got disconnected?

A: Let’s say you have a Gmail or Microsoft account. You may have configured it properly some time ago then somewhere along the way you changed your password. Please remember that you need to update the password in Woodpecker as well. Besides, your mailbox can get disconnected because of the issue with the authorization mechanism called Refresh Token. We use it to safely connect your Woodpecker account with your mailbox and grant the App access to your inbox. Sometimes it's authorization and the link breaks so the reconnection is needed. 


Woodpecker may connect your email address conditionally. Check what that means and how to fix this issue in our article.
In case of any other connection issues, have a look at our article I can't connect my mailbox.

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