How to connect Zoho to Woodpecker


Connecting your email
Checking your IMAP/SMTP Server data
Configuring SPF Records

1. Click ‘Connect your email’.

Once your campaign is created, open it (click ‘Campaigns’ in the black bar at the top, then click your campaign), and click 'Connect your email’, right below the campaign's name.

2. Click ‘Other (IMAP)’.

Then choose 'Automatic connection' and click 'Add email'

Please note: Your monthly fee depends on your pricing plan. Let us know in case you would like to upgrade your plan.

4. Set your ‘From name’, ‘Email’ and ‘Password’.

Please make sure Two Factor Authentication  is turned off before you start connecting your mailbox.
  1. Fill in your ‘From name’. It Is your sender’s name that will be visible to your recipients. 
  2. Add your email address.
  3. Type in the password to your mailbox.
  4. You can also set up a signature that will be attached to the emails you send. You can skip this step for now and edit your ‘From name’ and ‘Signature’ later.
  5. Click ADD EMAIL.

5. Add IMAP and SMTP Server data.

Depending on your Zoho Mail, the IMAP Server Configuration can differ.  Make sure that the IMAP Access is enabled before connecting your mailbox. 

Here are the most common IMAP and SMTP Server settings: → IMAP:, Port 993, SMTP:, Port 465 → IMAP:, Port 993, SMTP:, Port 465

@customdomain →  IMAP:, Port 993, SMTP:, Port 465

Check your IMAP/SMTP Server data in Zoho:

1: Log in to your Zoho Mail,
2. Open Settings,
3. Go to Mail accounts → IMAP or SMTP.
4. You'll find the data in the IMAP Server Configuration section.

You'll find more information on Help page for Zoho - Access via IMAP.      

7. Your account has been connected

Now you are able to select your Zoho address as a sender in your campaign.

8. Finalize the setup

  • Click “OK” to continue creating your first campaign. 
  • Go to “deliverability report” to check information about the correctness of SPF and DKIM when connecting the mailbox.

Deliverability is the number of emails that have reached the recipients' inboxes compared to the number of sent messages overall. The goal is to have as many of your emails land in your prospects' inboxes rather than going to spam folders. To ensure high deliverability rates, make sure you set up SPF and DKIM correctly. Click here to learn more about the importance of deliverability. 


Also, don't forget about the domain and email address warm-up.

Alternatively: if you connected your Zoho through the ' Settings' menu, you can now select it in your campaign. Simply go to ‘Campaigns’ list, open the campaign and select the newly connected Zoho address in ‘Send from’.

9. Configure SPF records

Please add SPF records to your DNS if you use a custom domain ( to send your emails.

To do so, follow the steps described in this Zoho help article. Below you will find the record which you need to add to your domain:

v=spf1 -all

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