How to Upgrade your plan

Woodpecker offers 3 pricing plans:

  • Start-up   – $40/month  
  • Team Pro – $50/month  
  • Enterprise, Agency – custom pricing  

Check out the features available in each of the pricing plans. Bear in mind that Integrations are available in Team Pro, Enterprise and Agency plan.

How to upgrade your account

If you would like to use the features which are not available on your current plan, e.g. API, contact to upgrade your plan. 

Q: Can I upgrade my plan without contacting the Sales Team?

Yes, you can do it on your side as well. First, log in to your Woodpecker. 

  1. Navigate to Settings → INTEGRATIONS.
  2. Click the 'upgrade'. 

3. CONFIRM your action.

However, if at some point you'll decide that you don't need the additional features anymore, you will be able to downgrade – just contact our Support Team.

Please remember that you can downgrade to the Start-up plan. 
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