Duplicates - adding already existing prospects to a new campaign

Woodpecker detects automatically the duplicates - contacts who have already been added to the Prospects database. It happens whether you are importing contacts from CSV or Excel (XLS and XLSX) files, adding them manually, or syncing from another software.

However, there are situations when you need to add a duplicate. For example, to reach out to your long-term clients.

How it works
Adding an existing contact to Woodpecker

How it works

This system was prepared to help Woodpecker users to manage large prospects' lists. Some of our clients have a lot of prospects and they are not always aware of the fact that someone has already been contacted. If you wish to keep a separate Prospects list for each company you manage, we suggest switching to Agency Panel. Click here to learn how to upgrade your plan.

Adding an existing contact to Woodpecker

To add the prospects that you've already imported to Woodpecker, follow these steps:

  1. Open a new or existing campaign,
  2. Add a CSV, XLS or XLSX file,
  3. Select the option "Update the existing contact with changed or new fields",
  4. Click the button UPLOAD AND IMPORT.

4. Click on the green button ADD

The app will show you the notification about the duplicates, but it won't block the process of importing them. Click the green button ADD.


Q: Woodpecker shows that some of my prospects as REPLIED. What now? 

If you are uploading prospects at the campaign level and there are some prospects who have already been contacted or who have replied to your previous campaigns, you need to choose the option Include them.

Then, click the button ADD again.. If you've chosen the "Include" option in all the steps, the App will let you import the duplicates. 

If you wish to learn more about adding prospects to Woodpecker, click here. To learn about exporting them, have a look at our article here.
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