How to replace the sending email with a new one?

There are two options if you need to start using a new email account in Woodpecker. 

  1. You can pruchase additional slot to which your email account can be contected. As a result, your monthly payment will be increased. Read more about Billing »
  2. You can deactivate the old email and then add a new one and connect it to freed slot – in this case, your pricing will stay unchanged.
You can read more about it in this article (paragraph titled  Is this pre-paid or post-paid?) as well as in there: Managing your email accounts »

How it works

Removing an email account from Woodpecker causes that the IMAP disconnects. IMAP is responsible for receiving the messages. Replies that your prospects have sent to this email address won't be kept in Woodpecker anymore. However, the replies will be still accessible through your email provider's inbox. 

How to replace the email?

1. Go to ' Settings' → 'EMAIL ACCOUNTS' → select your account.

2. Then, click switch button icon to deactivate the old email account.

3. Once the old email is deleted, you can add the new one. Click the ' ADD EMAIL ACCOUNT' button and follow the instructions. 

In case of any issues with connecting your mailbox, check the Troubleshooting section.


If you will have any problem when connecting the new email to Woodpecker, check out our articles or contact us!

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