Exporting data from Woodpecker

There are two ways you can export your data to a CSV file:

I. from the ' Prospects' database
II. from a campaign level

l. Exporting prospects from the 'Prospects' base

  1. Go to Prospects,
  2. Check-mark prospects you wish to export ('Actions' tab will appear above the column)
  3. Click 'Select all... prospects' to mark all emails,
  4. 'Actions' tab
  5. 'Export as .csv'

II. Exporting prospects from a particular campaign

  1. Go to a chosen campaign,
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page, 
  3. Click 'Actions' tab,
  4. Select 'Export as .csv'.

Q: Can I export prospects who OPENED/CLICKED/REPLIED... in my campaign?

A: Sure! Open your campaign, go to 'Prospects' and select data interesting to you. Then check-mark your prospects and export them.

Q: Can I export prospects with a particular status?

A: Yes, you can do it from 

  • your campaign

  • and 'Prospects' base thanks to filtering by 'Status'.

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