Exporting data from Woodpecker

In Woodpecker you can export statistics, data of your prospects, daily, weekly and monthly CSV reports or interest level. Read on to learn more.


Exporting statistics
Exporting prospects - campaign
Exporting prospects - database
Exporting reports

I. Exporting statistics from a campaign

  1. Go to a chosen campaign,
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page to statistics,
  3. Click 'Actions' tab,
  4. Select 'Export as .csv'.

II. Exporting prospects from a campaign

  1. Go to 'Prospects' tab in your campaign,
  2. Select 'SENT',
  3. Check-mark prospects you wish to export,
  4. Click 'Select all... prospects' to mark all the emails,
  5. Click 'Actions' tab,
  6. Choose to'Export as .csv'.

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lII. Exporting prospects data from the 'Prospects' database

  1. Go to 'Prospects' (1),
  2. Check-mark prospects you wish to export (2),

    After you check-mark some prospects, 'Actions' tab will appear above the column.
  3. Click 'Select all... prospects' to mark all the emails (3),
  4. Click 'Actions' tab (4),
  5. Select 'Export as .csv' (5).

lV. Exporting reports

  1. Go to 'Settings',
  2. Navigate to 'My Profile' and click 'Reports',
  3. Click the green icon to download your reports.

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Please note that this option is available only for the users with admin rights


Q: Can I export prospects who OPENED/CLICKED/RESPONDED... in my campaign?

A: Sure! Open your campaign, go to 'Prospects' and select data that is interesting to you. Then check-mark your prospects and export them.

Q: Can I export prospects with a particular status?

A: Yes, you can. You can filter them by 'Status' and export them from both your campaign (1.) and 'Prospects' database (2.)

1. Campaign

Go to your campaign → Click ' Status' (1.) → select one of the statuses (2.) → check-mark your prospects → Actions → Export as .csv.

2. 'Prospects' database

Go to ' Prospects' (1.) → Click 'Status' (2.) → select 'Active', for example (3.) → check-mark your prospects (4.) → Actions (5.) →  Export as .csv (6.)

Q: Can I export prospects with a specific interest level?

A: To learn how to export interest levels, click here.

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