I can't connect my mailbox

When connecting your mailbox to Woodpecker you may face some issues sometimes. We noticed that they are usually caused by the difficulties with:

  1. SMTP, a protocol which is being used to send your messages 
  2. IMAP, a protocol responsible for fetching your replies
  3. Data provided

If you'd like to learn more about IMAP&SMTP,  click here.

Here's what to do to fix it:


Is your mailbox brand new perhaps? If yes, please send manually a couple of messages (around 5) from it manually to your friends or colleagues, and ask them to reply. This process establishes a connection between your hosting server and servers of other email providers. 


  • Please check if your mailbox has IMAP enabled. If not, please switch it on. If you have a Gmail account, here's how to do this.
  • Is there any forwarding enabled on the email account? If yes, switch it off. Here's why.
  • Is there any labelling/redirecting to a different folder on? This also has to be switched off.
  • In case there's 2-step verification enabled on your mailbox, please disable it for the time of connecting the mailbox.
  • Does our message land in the SPAM or junk folder? If yes, please move it to Inbox.

3. Data provided

  • Please make sure your login & password are correct.
  • Besides, double check the provided IMAP and SMTP server data. Try adding ports. Not working? Try adding port 993.

You've gone through all the options and still struggling? Other reasons might be:

  • Your mailbox has been already connected.
  • The main mailbox on Agency account has been disconnected. Go to Settings → 'Email accounts' and reconnect your mailbox.
  • Alias which you're trying to add hasn't been configured correctly. 

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