How to find the prospects who have unsubscribed? (#UNSUBSCRIBED tag)

To let you find the prospects who have unsubscribed from your mailing list, we have introduced the #UNSUBSCRIBED tag and the status OPT-OUT.

After the introduction of our new status flow (July 2019), we changed the way of marking the prospects who have unsubscribed. Before we were adding the #UNSUBSCRIBED tag and assigning the status BLACKLIST. Now, you can find these prospects by filtering them by the status OPT-OUT. The #UNSUBSCRIBED tag remains the same.

To find your new prospects who clicked the “Unsubscribe” link, simply open your campaign or Prospects database and filter them by the Status OPT-OUT.

Here's the detailed instruction:

Searching by the tag:

1. Open your Prospects database or campaign
2. Click  ‘Tags’ from the ‘filter by’ section 
3. Choose the #UNSUBSCRIBED tag
4. The prospects who have opted out will be marked as # UNSUBSCRIBED in the ‘TAGS’ column 

You can type the tag in or select it from the list. Sometimes you may need to scroll it if you happen to have a long list. The tags are put in the alphabetical order, which means that you’ll find the #UNSUBSCRIBED tag at the end of the tag list.

Searching by the status:

1.  Open your Prospects database or campaign
2. Click Status
3 Select "OPT-OUT"

Q: You can see the list of prospects but can’t find the 'TAGS' column? 
A: Make sure you have the TAGS column shown. You can move this column by dragging it closer to the ‘Email’ section.

How to do that? 

  1. Click on the three dots to see a drop-down menu (1),
  2. Tick the box 'tags(2),
  3. Click on the column and drag it to the left.

Now you can see the tag #USNUBSCRIBED next to the 'Status'.

Q: The 'TAGS' column is shown but I can't see the #UNSSUBSCRIBED tag? Why?
A: In one column you can find a couple of tags. Expand the cell to see all of them.

Q: Is this tag going to be applied to the prospects who have had already unsubscribed? 
A: No, only to your contacts who opted out from 20 August 2018 onwards.

Q: Can I see the prospects who have unsubscribed on the campaign level? 
A: Yes, have a look at the main statistics. Look for the number in the OPT-OUT section, right below your opens. To see who opted out, switch to Prospects tab in the campaign and use the filter Status → OPT-OUT.

Q: How can I see contacts who have unsubscribed from a particular campaign/with a certain status/...?  

A: To do so, please select both the appropriate filter (Status, In Campaign, Contacted, Imported) and #UNSUBSCRIBED tag from the ‘Tags’ filter and/or the OPT-OUT status.

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