How to find the prospects who have unsubscribed? (#UNSUBSCRIBED tag)

To let you find the prospects who have unsubscribed from your mailing list, we have introduced the #UNSUBSCRIBED tag. 

In order to filter such prospects, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the main ‘Prospects’ tab (1),
  2. Select ‘Tags’ from the ‘filter by’ section (2),
  3. Choose the #UNSUBSCRIBED tag (3),

  4. You can type the tag in or select it from the list. Sometimes you may need to scroll it, if you happen to have a long list. The tags are put in the alphabetical order, which means that you’ll find the #UNSUBSCRIBED tag at the end of the tag list.

  5. The prospects who have opted out will be marked as #unsubscribed in the ‘TAGS’ column (4)

Q: You can see the list of prospects but can’t find the 'TAGS' column?
A: Make sure you have the TAGS column shown. You can move this column by dragging it closer to the ‘Email’ section.

  • How to do that? 
  1. Click on the three dots to see a drop-down menu (1),
  2. Tick the box 'tags(2),
  3. Click on the column and drag it to the left.

  • Now you can see the tag next to the 'Status'.

Q: The 'TAGS' column is shown but I can't see the #UNSSUBSCRIBED tag? Why?
A: In one column you can find a couple of tags. Expand the cell to see all of them.

Q: Will this tag be applied to the prospects who have had already unsubscribed? 
A: No, only to your contacts who opted out from August 20th onwards.

Q: Can I see the prospects who have unsubscribed on the campaign level? 
A: Unfortunately no, not yet. We’re working on it though!

Q: How can I see contacts who have unsubscribed from a particular campaign/with a certain status/...? 
A: To do so, please select both the appropriate filter (Status, In Campaign, Contacted, Imported) and #UNSUBSCRIBED tag from the ‘Tags’ filter.

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