How to use the email editor?

This article will help you learn more about the features which you can find in Woodpecker's email editor and how to use them.

Woodpecker email editor

1. Aligning text.
2. Inserting/editing links
3. HTML view
4. Snippets
5. Open tracking

1.  Align your text to the left, center or right.

Please note: numbered lists won’t get aligned.

2. Insert and edit links right in the editor.

Click on the 'Insert/edit link' icon.

Add a URL and text. To edit your link, click on the icon again, make changes and click 'Save'.

3. Switch from the Text view to HTML view.

4. Insert custom fields – our snippets.

You can access the snippets by clicking on the blue curly brackets {{}}. Learn more about snippets.

5. Turn on/off open tracking

To enable open tracking click on the eye icon in the right-hand corner. Have a look at our guide to tracking open rates in Woodpecker.

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