How to integrate Pipedrive with Woodpecker?

Thanks to our native integration with Pipedrive you're able to sync email clicks and opens straight from Woodpecker to the CRM. 

Integrations are available with API Key. To generate a new API Key you need to be a Team Pro, Agency or Enterprise user.
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How it works
How to integrate your Woodpecker account with Pipedrive
How does it look like in your Pipedrive account?

How it works

  1. Adding a prospect to Woodpecker automatically creates a new contact in Pipedrive, transferring all the corresponding data.
  2. All emails sent from Woodpecker to a particular prospect are shown in Pipedrive.
  3. You can see if your emails were opened or replied to.
  4. All the replies (also the auto-replied ones!) registered by Woodpecker are assigned to a particular contact in Pipedrive.
  5. The content of both a sent message and reply can be seen in Pipedrive.
  6. Your message got bounced or your prospect was invalid? Now you can check it directly in Pipedrive on your contact's page.

How to integrate your Woodpecker account with Pipedrive

1. Go to 'Settings' →  'Integrations' → Available integrations → CRMs → click on 'Pipedrive'.

2. Next, click CONNECT.

3. Once you're transferred to a new window, add the API key and click 'Continue'.

If you don't know how to get your API key, click 'Get instructions' link and see point 3 below. 

4. Get your personal API token from your Pipedrive profile.

Not sure how to get an API key? Read this.

5. Finish the integration by mapping default Pipedrive fields with the Woodpecker ones. These fields can't be edited.

5. Success! Your integration with Pipedrive is now working. 

6. You can always switch it ON/OFF using the button in the right-hand corner.

How does it look like in your Pipedrive account?

'Company settings' will show you new activities, for example 'Campaign email', 'Open' or 'Status'.

'Contact tab' allows you to see which emails were sent to your prospects and how their replies looked like.

Besides their content, you can see if they were opened, replied to, etc. Woodpecker automatically transfers also bounces, auto-replies, and statuses.

At times, you may notice that your integration gets paused due to an invalid API key. Please insert the valid API key and unpause your integration.

Wanna learn more? Head over to our blog to read about the benefits and what our native Pipedrive integration can do for you. 
Have any comments or suggestions regarding our integration? Write to us.
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