Error codes

Woodpecker API responses with various type of answers 

  • 200 OK
    If everything is ok, you should get "200 OK" response.
    As an additional information that helps download data, we provide a X-Total-Count information in the header. This field shows the number of all records that meet requested criteria. 
  • 204 No Content 
    If Woodpecker API returns empty dataset, you will receive "204 No Content" response. 
  • 400 Bad Request 
  • When something went wrong. Woodpecker will provide additional information about an error in a form similar to the one described below. 
Error code Error description
E_URL_NOT_FOUND When you try to access Woodpecker API endpoint that do not exist
E_SESSION The API key you've entered is incorrect or no longer valid. Check if you entered the key correctly.
You can generate a new key in Woodpecker: Settings -> API Keys.
E_RECORD_NOT_FOUND A campaign you want to add prospects to cannot be found
E_TOO_MANY_REQUESTS Too many requests simultaneously. Woodpecker allows only 5 concurrent connections to the API at the same time.
E_REQUIRED_ELEMENT Element Prospects is required
E_INV_STATUS Your prospect's status is other than ACTIVE. Woodpecker API does not allow prospects with status other then active. That prevents sending message to prospects who shouldn't be touched or their status is unknown.
E_DUPLICATE Duplicate. The prospect has been added to your prospect base before  
E_EMAIL Emails could not be added or look like invalid email format
E_EMAIL_NOT_EXISTS Looks like this email doesn't exist
E_WRONG_PARAM Invalid request / Invalid target_url

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