What does the STATUS of a prospect mean?

You have probably seen the STATUS somewhere in Woodpecker. Each and every prospect in Woodpecker has some status value assigned to them.

Actually, each prospect has two statuses assigned: a general one, and the status in the particular campaign. This is why when you check status of some prospect it sometimes has one value on the main prospect list, and another in the campaign(s) that they are included in. The status in the main list depends on several things, and is difficult to break down if the prospect has been contacted multiple times. The status in a campaign is a simpler story.

Let's take a look at every STATUS available in Woodpecker.


This is the starting point. Every prospect is given this status right after being added to Woodpecker. In a campaign this status means that the prospect either has not been contacted yet or has not yet replied.


That's the opposite of active. This status means that the prospect will not be contacted, unless this status is changed manually. It is global, that means that changing the prospect's status to BLACKLIST at any place in Woodpecker will change it everywhere (every campaign and main prospect list). Assigning this status means that you do not want this prospect to be contacted in any existing or future campaign. 

There is a situation when this status is assigned automatically. When Woodpecker registers a response to a campaign from another email address (not prospect's) this email is added to main prospect list with #SECONDARYEMAIL tag.

BLACKLIST status can only be changed manually.


When a prospect replies, their status in a campaign changes to REPLIED and is counted as such in statistics.


We do our best to recognize most autoresponders. When Woodpecker detects an autoresponder (out-of-office reply), the status of the prospect is changed to AUTOREPLIED. In such a case, it is possible to choose the date of the next contact for that prospect in Inbox.


If a message sent to a prospect bounces (cannot be delivered), this prospect is assigned the BOUNCED status, except for the situation when the email was found to be non-existent. In such situation the INVALID status is used.


This status is generally assigned when prospect's email address is found to be non-existent. This may happen in two ways. Firstly, we check each and every email address of the prospect before sending a proper email. This procedure is not bulletproof, however. 

In cases where the verification before sending is not possible (most often due to recipient's server configuration) the email gets sent. This is the reason why some prospects marked as INVALID have sending dates next to them while some don't. Those with the dates were marked as INVALID after the email was actually sent.


This status means that sending to a prospect has been paused, obviously. There are two situations in which a prospect can be marked PAUSED. One, when a prospect is deleted from the campaign, but have been already contacted.

The other situation can happen when a prospect is added to more than one campaign. When editing a campaign, the prospect list gets checked every time when a Save & Send or Resume button is clicked. If a prospect is found to be in some other running campaign, but has been already contacted in the campaign edited at the moment, we can choose to pause follow-ups to such a prospect. As a result, the prospect is marked as PAUSED in the currently edited campaign. 

In this example, 4 prospects from the current campaign are also in some other active campaign. Those three that have not been contacted yet in the current campaign can simply be removed from the campaign completely. In case of the one prospect that has already been contacted in the current campaign, you can choose to pause further follow-ups.

You can assign pause status manually as well. Pause status is "local". Which means it can be assigned in particular campaign but not in the main lit of prospects. It means that the same prospect can have PAUSE status in 3 campaigns and in the other 3 it can have ACTIVE status. Since pause status is campaign-only status, the main list of prospects will display ACTIVE status for this prospect.


This status is assigned when prospects were added to a campaign and the campaign has been activated, but some prospects were missing some custom fields (like {{FIRST_NAME}}) used in that campaign. You can find those prospects in the STATS:


Sometimes a mail arrives from somebody who hasn't been on the prospect list but whose email is on the same domain. For instance, you sent an email to a CEO of a company, but their CMO replied. If we can associate the response with one of the prospects, then there is no problem – the prospect is marked as REPLIED. 

In some cases, however, we are not sure but would like you to know that such reply has arrived. In such a situation, those replies go into TO REVIEW folder in Woodpecker's Inbox.

This status is campaign-specific. That means you will not find any prospects with this status on the main Prospects list. The number in the screen shot above is the number of messages we assumed to be related to prospects in all campaigns. 

In the screen below, you can see two prospects who were marked as TO-REVIEW in a particular campaign.

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