Why is the Daily limit set to 50? Can I change it?

You might have noticed that you can set the Daily limit of Emails #1 (opening emails) that will be sent in a campaign.

This limit is set to 50 by default, and cannot be set higher than 500.

Note: Daily limit only applies to the opening emails and not the follow-ups. Sending of individual emails in the cadence may overlap, and the follow-ups are prioritized in that case.

Go ahead and check our Sending Simulation: 150 scenario - 3 follow-ups

Are there some disadvantages to setting higher Daily limits?

We do not recommend setting Daily limits higher than 100-150. There are several reasons behind this, the main being that we want to encourage our users to send quality cold email campaigns. So how is that limit supposed to help with that?

Using Woodpecker should help you save your time (and a lot of it) on sending the emails manually, but you still want to emulate sending these emails "by hand", and engage your prospects with some degree of personalization in your emails. This way, it's better to compose a quality email with many snippets, and having fewer people contacted every day (while more will actually reply!), rather than send a generic (and ineffective) message to thousands of people.

Another important reason is that we would like to protect your email address, which is used to send all those emails, from being blocked due to the suspicion of sending spam. Various filters and anti-spam appliances always monitor how people are sending their emails, and are sensitive to high volumes of these, especially when they are being sent out very quickly, and in regular intervals.

That's something you simply want to avoid in your cold outreach, and we try to help you with that. Woodpecker has a couple of mechanisms built in to protect you from being accused of spamming, and the Daily limit is one of those.

Can I set a higher limit anyway? (I know what I'm doing, alright?)

Of course, if you would still like to send more opening emails daily, we will not stand in your way. You can also have the mentioned cap of 500 increased – all you need to do in that case is drop us a line at support@woodpecker.co, and just state the new limit you want to have set for your account.

Please bear in mind that email providers have their own limits, and it's those that really count here. For example a free Gmail account allows you to send 500 messages daily, while the paid Google for Works version has the limit of 2000 emails a day.

We encourage our users to set up a separate email account to use with Woodpecker, but in case you choose to connect an account that you already use, please remember to comply with your email provider's Terms of Service.

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